[Cake] Donation

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 23:42:12 EST 2017

Thank you for your kind thoughts of a donation but that page is long obsolete.

There are both patreon and gofundme pages, but they were both focused
on wifi. There isn't anything specific to cake, and perhaps there
should be. The funds should be directed at the people doing the work,
rather than me. Or perhaps we could do a funding drive or something
like that. I'm not too enthused about the results of the donations
model, but every little bit counts!


https://www.patreon.com/dtaht brings in 156 dollars a month, out of
which the bufferbloat project's current expenses are 60 (80?) or so
for servers.

Expenses used to be MUCH higher than what we took in. Hardware was the
least of it. I funded a fat server in google's cloud to build openwrt
and later, lede, for a very, very long time, among other things, after
the relevant google grant expired and we needed to keep the servers

We did a HUGE funding drive (by these standards) to fight the FCC,
with great results in terms of PR:


And spent it all on PR... And we won that battle.

I sometimes think we should establish an organization, with a board of
directors, a bank account, etc, but aside
from grant money, donated computers and computer time, and all the
massive efforts of all the volunteers, that's most of the donations
we've ever got, and it would be, at least, 800 bucks to start a
non-profit, + an accountant to "do right".

I've explored leveraging several other orgs, like SPI. I helped start
icei.org, and currently I sit on the board of
https://commonsconservancy.org/ , but remain puzzled about how to get
the level of microfinancing to people that need it, when they need it.
I'm impressed by the shuttleworth flash grant program, and by the work
of nlnet, both of whom  wrote some right sized (5-20k) checks at
crucial junctures of the bufferbloat projects.

Any and all thoughts as to how to do better are welcomed.

We could have a bake sale for cake, to get it mainlined.

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