[Cake] TCP ACK filtering

Ryan Mounce ryan at mounce.com.au
Tue Nov 14 21:21:01 EST 2017


I'm seeking feedback from users of highly asymmetric internet
connections and TCP experts alike with respect to my work-in-progress
patch to add TCP ACK filtering (a.k.a. suppression / thinning) to

A preliminary version has been merged into the cobalt branch there is
an open PR for a revision with significantly reduced overhead (in
terms of CPU cycles).


There is still further research to be done on my part to extend this
filtering to SACKs in an intelligent manner (mostly of benefit to
flows with a large BDP).

Ironically I will be migrating from a 48:1 120/2.5 link to a more
balanced 5:2 100/40 link at home shortly so I won't have much of a
personal stake in this feature's performance from that point, however
I hope that it will be of benefit to others.

Ryan Mounce

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