[Cake] Fwd: total download rate with many flows

Georgios Amanakis gamanakis at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 12:08:00 EST 2017

> It is however very odd that the Diffserv mode has any effect on this at
> all.  It could be explained if a lot of the traffic is marked CS1, since
> the Bulk tin has looser AQM parameters.  That suggests that selecting
> 'satellite' might help similarly.
I need to check what type of traffic my test generated. Selecting
"satellite" did help though.

> Something worth trying would be to alter the failsafe shaper's rate of
> advance.  Currently it has a one-quarter rate, which might be too
> restrictive.  Tests at one-half and three-quarters might therefore be
> interesting.  Otherwise, I don't think trying to modify the way ingress
> mode works will do the right things.
I am skimming through the code but cannot see where the failsafe shaper's
rate of advance is set at one-quarter rate. Could you point this out?

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