[Cake] total download rate with many flows

Pete Heist peteheist at gmail.com
Fri Nov 17 15:05:50 EST 2017

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> Subject: Re: [Cake] total download rate with many flows
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> On 16/11/17 19:06, Georgios Amanakis wrote:
>> I am skimming through the code but cannot see where the failsafe 
>> shaper's rate of advance is set at one-quarter rate. Could you point 
>> this out?
> Oddly enough, I can't find it either.  It could be that the code wasn't 
> pushed yet - or even that it only exists on my MBP hard drive, which I 
> still don't have a working MBP to put in again.  Due to HFS+ 
> compression, I can't actually read the file by attaching it to a Linux 
> machine.

I have a vintage 2007 MBP running El Capitan that isn’t doing much. If it’s a matter of getting to data or some other critical stuff, would this help?

Its battery is shot because I stupidly neglected to charge it for too long (for the second time, which multiplies the dumbness), but the machine otherwise works.

If it’s a matter of getting to data, would this help? If so, we can see if there’s a way to arrange getting it to you from Czech and back. I’d want to be careful not to pay VAT to re-import my own possession. The postal authorities here can be sticklers. Just let me know if this helps somehow...


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