[Cake] lan keyword affects host fairness

Pete Heist peteheist at gmail.com
Fri Nov 24 14:41:36 EST 2017

> On Nov 24, 2017, at 2:49 PM, Pete Heist <peteheist at gmail.com> wrote:
> Removing the bandwidth keywords altogether and going back to fq_codel’s specification of target and interval would be my personal preference (unless we can figure out how to make the keywords work well with one another in all cases).

To add to my comments, this probably came across as too harsh or discontinuous an idea at this stage when we’re in the process of shoring things up- that wasn’t my intent!

There is the other side that these keywords save people from having to know more. Which is better, explaining target and interval to everyone or having them use these? I imagine that was the logic that went into it. Also, if it’s not a good idea to be changing the configuration interface at this point (and it may not be), then there are alternatives, and the man page addition will definitely help people. Maybe I’ll make some runs across a range of rtts to understand this better…

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