[Cake] new patchset for upstream net-next

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Mon Nov 27 00:23:47 EST 2017

> On Nov 27, 2017, at 04:33, George Amanakis <gamanakis at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Whatever your primary use case is? My biggest concern is that it
>> simply not crash -  300 second long tests, 1200 seconds, all night
>> long over and over, again, pounding it flat.
> My home router runs x86_64 Archlinux on net-next with cake and nf_conntrack compiled as integrals. TSO, GSO and GRO are turned off. Up until now (24h) it has not crashed and everything seems stable. Dmesg does not report anything unusual. Ingress traffic is about 15 GiB, egress about 1 GiB.
> Cake configuration (Comcast cable, advertised 10Mbps/2Mbps):
> qdisc cake 8001: dev ens4 root refcnt 2 bandwidth 12200Kbit diffserv3 dual-dsthost wash ingress ack-filter rtt 100.0ms noatm overhead 18 via-ethernet mpu 64
> qdisc cake 8002: dev ens3 root refcnt 2 bandwidth 2500Kbit diffserv3 dual-srchost nat wash ack-filter rtt 100.0ms noatm overhead 18 via-ethernet mpu 64

Just like ECN ack-filter really only makes sense if the ACKs never hit the bottleneck link; I guess what I want to say, besides for testing, ack-filter on your ingress fro internet leg does not make too much sense...

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> George
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