[Cake] Multiple Hardware Queues

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Sun Jul 15 06:09:41 EDT 2018

Yeah, I agree that at 1 Gbit you don't need multiple receive queues to
get to line rate. In my 100Gbit tests, I got to 50 Gbps with CAKE (I
should really post some graphs of that), so at really high speeds we
would benefit from being able to run simultaneously on multiple CPUs.
But let's just say that turning CAKE into something that can run on
multiple CPUs simultaneously is non-trivial... :)

> In any case, the MQ qdisc simply sorts packets into hardware queues
> according to the CPU they were submitted from. [...] But it's
> basically useless on [...] a machine acting primarily as a router,
> since the traffic is submitted from just one or two CPUs at a time,
> and usually most of the CPUs are idle anyway.

Not quite. On a router, the distribution of packets over CPUs will
depend on what happens on the receive side. Usually, the hardware will
have the same number of receive queues as transmit queues, and it will
use Receive Side Scaling (RSS) which hashes packets into the queues
based on the packet header. Often, the hardware queues are not assigned
properly to different CPUs, which is why the first thing 10Gbit+
performance tuning guides tells you to do is to adjust the CPU mapping
of the hardware queue IRQs...

> I have no idea what the hardware does to coalesce those packets into a
> single stream to be sent over the wire.

That's hardware specific, but I think most devices do something that
more or less corresponds to round-robin scheduling of the hardware


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