[Cake] Using cake to shape 1000’s of users.

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Thu Jul 26 13:42:43 EDT 2018

Dan Siemon <dan at coverfire.com> writes:

> Tiny bit of self promotion here but Preseem (https://www.preseem.com)
> is a transparent bridge that leverages HTB/FQ-CoDel to make subscriber
> plan enforcement provide much better QoE. Leaving enforcement up to
> the deep queues in most network equipment has comparably very bad
> results. We focus on WISPs but we have customers that provide service
> via DSL and cable as well.
> We leverage an eBPF classifier to direct each subscriber's traffic
> into an HTB class that matches their plan rate and within that is an
> FQ- CoDel instance. This classifier handles the various encapsulations
> we need to support in ISP networks.

This sounds really cool, and is definitely the right way to do things!
Neat :)

> I haven't had time to try Cake in this context yet but hope to get to
> that in the next couple months. I believe this will require one Cake
> instance per-subscriber like we do with FQ-CoDel today.

Yup, currently it would. It might be possible to extend CAKE's
architecture to not require this, though. If you are interested in
pursuing this in the future, let us know; having someone actually using
it would be quite useful if we were to pursue development of this :)


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