[Cake] apu2 hangs on net-next

Pete Heist pete at heistp.net
Tue Jul 31 05:54:25 EDT 2018

> On Jul 31, 2018, at 12:54 AM, Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:
> I put the latest net-next kernel onto one of my apu2s.
> routing *anything* through it, under fq_codel or cake, it runs for a
> few seconds under 128 stream load then hangs completely requiring a
> reboot. I have to go hook up a serial cable... sigh....
> example blowing up test:
> flent -H -t '128flows-routed-fq_codel_4'
> --te=download_streams=128 tcp_ndown
> Tests to it are fine.
> I'm curious if the openwrt rc2 for it is stable? 4.9?

This isn’t the same test or kernel, but I don’t see a problem running 128 flows *generated by* the APU2 with fq_codel or Cake at line rate with kernel 4.9.110-1. Of course, when it’s actually generating the traffic, it’s out of CPU at these speeds. I’ll see if I can do a pure routing test later at the lab, to at least exonerate 4.9…

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