[Cake] the Cake stalemate

Pete Heist pete at heistp.net
Tue Jun 19 08:08:15 EDT 2018

> On Jun 19, 2018, at 1:32 PM, Jonathan Morton <chromatix99 at gmail.com> wrote:
> My impression was that we were practically there - but we ran up against a hang bug which *may* have had a root cause elsewhere than Cake itself.  I strongly suspect we're tickling a HW driver bug, but we need someone with a different flavour of 100Gbps NIC to try (and hopefully fail) to reproduce it.
> There's not much hope of my getting that calibre of hardware myself.

Me neither. I think that’s about the bandwidth of uncompressed 8K video, 16 bpp @ 60 Hz. I don’t think I could drive it with anything even if I had the NIC, and I don’t see an obtainable alternative to Mellanox, which is around 1000 USD, and you need two or at least the dual port version for twice the price.

I’m glad if we may still make it with Cake then. My bad on the stalemate interpretation- I was conflating some of the thorny feedback with expressions of burnout. :) The feedback still stands though, but for later...

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