Cake on openwrt - falling behind

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at
Sat Jun 30 04:29:05 EDT 2018

Hi Chaps,

I’m concerned that cake on openwrt is falling behind.  Due to strange behaviour at least on MIPS since commit Switch rates to 64bit, openwrt has been ‘stuck’ on the prior commit.  I personally have hack patches in my that effectively reverts the conversion to 64 netlink values in cake & tc and I’m pleased to say that works, however the wider community are a) not so lucky b) not actually running our latest code, there are a number of tweaks to the ack filter code that openwrt users are not benefitting from.

Toke & myself dug into this a bit and we don’t, so far, think this is a bug in cake but is rather exposing an issue in netlink handling.  But we’ve hit an information vacuum, in essence I’m only seeing this on MIPS/Openwrt *BUT* that’s the only thing I can actually test on.  So is this 32bit MIPS only?  Is it Openwrt only?  Is it MIPS & Openwrt only?  Is it 32bit archs only?  And so on.

This really needs to be investigated & solved, so that a) openwrt’s cake can be bumped and b) Someone can get on with backporting the class handling code (which is being sent upstream) to 4.14/4.9 (maybe earlier)

If *you* have the means of compiling the latest cake & tc code on your platform could you please do so and report architecture etc if you do/do not see cake’s tin stats from ‘tc -s qdisc’ (that’s the biggest indicator of the issue)


Kevin D-B

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