[Cake] tc not showing detailed stats

Georgios Amanakis gamanakis at gmail.com
Sun May 20 09:23:22 EDT 2018

Hi All,

I am running latest tc-adv (r4227) and sch-cake/cobalt (r500), and "tc
-s qdisc show" doesn't show detailed stats anymore. Latest known
working revisions for me were tc-adv:r4226 sch-cake:r494.

% tc -s qdisc show dev ens4
qdisc cake 8003: root refcnt 2 bandwidth 18Mbit diffserv3 dual-dsthost
ingress split-gso rtt 100.0ms noatm overhead 18 mpu 64 
 Sent 298679 bytes 510 pkt (dropped 0, overlimits 392 requeues 0) 
 backlog 3331b 3p requeues 0
 memory used: 4Mb of 2250000b
 min/max network layer size:           12 /      52
 min/max overhead-adjusted size:     1500 /      70
 average network hdr offset:        21076

!!!Deficit 4, rta_len=1518


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