[Cake] sch_cake shaper/aqm/fq implementation in linux slides and paper

Y intruder_tkyf at yahoo.fr
Sun Apr 28 22:41:34 EDT 2019

It seems Bufferbloat in the world is getting worse.

Sun, 28 Apr 2019 15:15:44 +0200
Dave Taht <dave.taht at gmail.com> wrote:

> Since sch_cake has been generally available as dual licensed (BSD/GPL)
> open source since last august (as of linux 4.19), and shipping in
> openwrt and evenroute for 3 years, I have generally longed for more
> folk to be fiddling with it in the ietf. The most current stable
> version is in openwrt 18.02, which shipped in january. Cake is in
> general is too complicated and addresses too many things to
> encapsulate into an RFC, but in particular, the DOCSIS/DSL/Ethernet
> framing compensation modes are excellent (unlike the BSD pfsense one),
> and we have many other improvements to multiple components of the SQM
> systems we've been shipping for 8 years. such as per host/per flow FQ,
> sane diffserv support, and ack-filtering being theprimary ones covered
> in slides from my IEEE lanman talk:
> http://www.taht.net/~d/sch_cake_ieee_lanman2018%20(2).pdf
> One major feature not brought out in paper or slides is that cake
> works the same whether it has backpressure from the device or via
> "BQL", OR in shaping in software. Another important feature -
> GRO-splitting, we haven't gone into much in print yet. In the extra
> slides section are some nice results from a GPON fiber network. It can
> also be used as a local host-only qdisc; there is a brief comparison
> of cake vs sch_fq also in the slides above. As well as in network
> namespaces, vms, docker containers, multi-tenant dcs, etc, etc.
> All the features of cake were developed in close collaboration with
> the actual users of SQM in the field.
> That paper: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1804.07617.pdf - talks about "Home"
> gateways but since then we got it to scale past 50GigE in software
> alone. I look forward to more independent benchmarkings in other
> scenarios, and we do take bug reports on the github.
> Some of the new SCE ("Some Congestion Experienced") related work has
> landed in the https://github.com/dtaht/sch_cake repo already (as well
> as fq_codel_fast) but the majority of work is taking place over in
> jonathan's repos presently.
> There is a paper pending, also, on the improvements to codel that
> jonathan (primarily) made in the COBALT AQM that I hope will be
> published soon.
> One thing I've longed for is some coherent testing of the modern
> videoconferencing and quic and bbr congestion control algorithms
> against it. Is there anyone out there able to do this and possibly
> collaborate on a paper on it?
> I was really quite unaware until this past ietf that so few had had a
> taste of cake yet.
> thx!

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