[Cake] cake in dd-wrt

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at redhat.com
Tue Aug 20 14:49:19 EDT 2019

Sebastian Gottschall <s.gottschall at newmedia-net.de> writes:

> Am 20.08.2019 um 20:31 schrieb Toke Høiland-Jørgensen:
>> Sebastian Gottschall <s.gottschall at newmedia-net.de> writes:
>>>>> we are already using filters. yes. its just that cake is acting always
>>>>> as root and we have different sorts of qos configurations. so you have
>>>>> wan. but we may have multiple lan interfaces with individual qos
>>>>> settings. the same for mac / ip based user settings. so in fact we need
>>>>> to create a individual qdisc for each of these setting types in worst
>>>>> case, but in that case we cannot take in account the global available
>>>>> bandwidth anymore.
>>>> Ah, right, I see. So this is things like users wanting to limit a
>>>> specific type of traffic to a certain bandwidth?
>>> basicly yes. there are multiple ways. plain traffic shaping by local
>>> interface name, by local mac, by local ip/net
>>> and in addition there is shaping by port based or dpi based packet
>>> detection and since each instance of cake doesnt know of any other
>>> use of cake qdiscs its getting complicated. but we just started with
>>> working on it. i'm sure i find a solution for it
>> Do let us know if you do :)
>> However, I'd also point out that when running CAKE a lot of these kinds
>> of setups become simply redundant. For home networks most of the setups
>> I have seen with such rule-based shaping is simply there to paper over
>> the underlying bufferbloat issue. Once you solve that you don't really
>> need all the policy-based stuff.
> its not just about policy to get all managed. but the point is that a 
> heavy bittorrent downloader will still steal the bandwidth of my scp 
> session.

This is indeed a concern sometimes, yeah, and actually this exact case
is the original motivation for the host-based fairness feature in CAKE :)

> so its about control and not just about the flow management
> is about limiting ports to a specific bandwidth. for instance. i have a 
> concert venue and i limit the backstage network to a certain maximum 
> rate since a need a budged for other networks
> so i limit the ethernet port of this network on the main router to lets 
> say 10 mbit or something like that priorize torrent and other bad 
> services to bulk. which just works good for internet.
> so we have enough bandwidth on our other cables for doing 4k streams.
> dd-wrt is not just used on these plastic routers for home users. this is 
> one option and works great without much qos configuration. you're right. 
> but if its turning more complex and professional
> its not enough anymore.

Sure, but those are not CAKE's target audience, so to speak.

I'm not saying those use cases are not legitimate, I'm just saying you
may find it difficult to shoe-horn CAKE into them; which is kinda

>> Now, there are of course exceptions to this where a strict rule-based
>> shaping *is* really needed; but HTB already provides this in the kernel,
>> and we don't want to re-invent that, so I'm not sure we'll ever support
>> this properly in CAKE, sadly...
> this is what we are also doing. cake is finally just a option. you can 
> select multiple schedulers at the gui. including codel. fq_codel, 
> fq_codel_fast, cake , pie etc.

Right. What are you setting as the default, BTW?


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