[Cake] cake in dd-wrt

Sebastian Gottschall s.gottschall at newmedia-net.de
Wed Aug 21 03:44:05 EDT 2019

some on cpu.

>> dscp might be problematic for isps like orange in france and other
>> fiber isps i have found in spain and netherlands.
>> all these isps expect dscp classes to be set for outbound traffic
>> depending on the traffic type. (iptv, voice and internet). this
>> together is also
>> mapped to vlan priorities again internally. so using the dscp bits
>> might be problematic for cake since it clears out the dscp flags and
>> so internet simply doesnt work anymore
>> for these isps (or just with modem 56k speed)
> I would love to know more about what dscp's are in more common use and
> what isps intend for them to be doing. cake's default mappings are the
> result of much reading of RFCs, debate, and headbanging. The "model"
> concept is easily extended

as i said. orange fibre lines in france are using dscp/tos markings for 
voice, iptv and internet. if it would be just inbound nobody would care.

but outgoing traffic must be marked as well. for initial dhcp lease from 
this isp you need to mark dhcp markets with dscp 6 for instance. 
otherwise you get no response
the exact same platform is used in spain and netherlands. but i cannot 
remember the isp names anymore. but it was always for fiber isps

> /github.com/dtaht/fq_codel_fast
>> i reviewed it and also tried to compile it with success. problem is,
>> that code parts of it are looking unfinished with debug printks etc.
>> this is why i stopped at that point since i thought its
>> unfinished. but i have added it already to my code tree and added the
>> required parts to compile
>> it with all of my kernels (compat layer for older kernels or lets say
>> #ifdef hell)
> Thx! It's unfinished, but functional, as I seemed to be the only one
> that had interest in revising fq_codel further, and lack time to
> actually build and profile embedded targets.
> I've not heard of "northstar"?
its the codename for the cpu armv7 platform of broadcom which is out 
since many years.

you may know it under the name bcm4709. they are comming almost with 
dualcore from 800 - 1400 mhz

> I have to admit I'm mostly interested in benchmarks from the newer
> platforms. Have not been keeping up with the state of the art here.
> It seemed better to make cake as perfect as could be and wait for the hw
> to catchup. At the time.
the hw on the home market is already fast enough to beat your apu2. not 
every plastic router of cause
but some of them are really high performing
> I keep hoping to find the perfect next-gen wifi 6 with fq_codel derived
> tech everywhere box ... and to be able to just buy it off the shelf
> this christmas.
wifi 6 the new buzzword. i still call it ax.  everytime a marketing 
idiot creates a new name for existing technology i get gastric spasm
consider that wifi 6 brings almost nothing unless you're close to the 
router and my current 802.11ac routers with qca9984 chipsets
already beating the gigabit limit.

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