[Cake] Trouble with CAKE

Thibaut hacks at slashdirt.org
Fri Dec 13 13:44:56 EST 2019

Hi Sebastian,

> On 13 Dec 2019, at 15:21, Thibaut <hacks at slashdirt.org> wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,
> December 13, 2019 3:15 PM, "Sebastian Moeller" <moeller0 at gmx.de> wrote:
>> Hi Thibaut,
>> so ADSL is both special and precious, may I recommend to follow the instructions on
>> https://github.com/moeller0/ATM_overhead_detector? 
> I will give it a try.

I’ll confess being a bit lazy as I didn’t go all the way up to parsing with Octave (which I’m not familiar with), but the output file is here:
http://vps.slashdirt.org/~varenet/ping_sweep__20191213_170053.txt.gz <http://vps.slashdirt.org/~varenet/ping_sweep__20191213_170053.txt.gz> (it’s 2.1M compressed)

>> In both cases
>> the results should be interesting. As a quick test, what is the textual output from the "Share Your
>> Results" box on https://www.speedguide.net/analyzer.php?
> I'll report when the buildslave is done uploading :)

As it turns out, it appears this website requires a fully fledged browser, but this is a remote headless setup I’m dealing with here: is there an alternative that can be CLI-friendly?

I hope this helps,
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