[Cake] separate shaping of wifi

Jonas MÃ¥rtensson martensson.jonas at gmail.com
Sun Feb 3 17:04:50 EST 2019

I'm running OpenWrt with sqm on my home router. Is there any potential
problem with enabling sqm with cake on both eth0 (wan) and wlan0? The
reason for doing this is that if I only do shaping on the wan interface I
still get bad uplink bufferbloat on wifi. I assume this is because the
bottleneck in this case is actually the wifi and the bloat is in the end
device (laptop, phone, etc.). By shaping to a rate lower than the wifi
rate, the bloat disappears. Is there any better way to accomplish this than
to enable a second sqm instance on wlan0 if I don't want to sacrifice speed
for wired devices?

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