[Cake] Playing with ingredients = ruined the CAKE

Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant kevin at darbyshire-bryant.me.uk
Sun May 31 14:08:31 EDT 2020

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>> I have absolutely no idea, don’t appear to have that thread :-)
> Mea culpa.  Should have included this link to the thread:
> https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/make-wifi-fast/2020-May/002860.html
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Ah, well after the initial excitement that ‘oh an application actually sets DSCP’ I checked what marking my zoom packets had on the next conference…to find… Best effort.  Crushing disappointment led to this in my firewall box:

#Zoom - connections go to Zoom with dest ports 8801-8810
$IPTABLES -t mangle -A QOS_MARK_F_${IFACE} -p udp -m udp -m set --match-set Zoom4 dst -m multiport --dports 8801:8810 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS3 -m comment --comment "Zoom CS3 VI"
$IP6TABLES -t mangle -A QOS_MARK_F_${IFACE} -p udp -m udp -m set --match-set Zoom6 dst -m multiport --dports 8801:8810 -j DSCP --set-dscp-class CS3 -m comment --comment "Zoom CS3 VI”

With dnsmasq configured to fill the Zoom4/6 ipsets with relevant IP addresses


Works a treat.


Kevin D-B

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