[Cake] Enforcing video quality question

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Sat Feb 20 06:53:45 EST 2021

John Sager <john at sager.me.uk> writes:

> You will need to specify the hosts explicitly, unless you can live with them 
> all sharing one bandwidth class. In that case if you have more than one 
> using bandwidth they would share the bandwidth in that class equally. I 
> assume from your original post that you want each host to be limited in 
> bandwidth to a specific value, but to do that you need a class for each host 
> in the ingress HTB.

Just do enough classes that you can cover the whole IP space? At least
for IPv4 that's trivial; for IPv6 you'll probably need to hash and hope
that there are not too many collisions...

> What you probably need is a scheduler that has a limit per flow up to
> an overall ceiling beyond which it shares equally. I'm not aware that
> any of the schedulers do anything like that.

If you use FQ-CoDel as the leaf qdisc in HTB you'll get flow scheduling
to each host. There won't be a per-flow *limit*, but you'll get nice
scheduling of all flows going towards each host.


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