[Cake] Fwd: [Galene] Dave on bufferbloat and jitter at 8pm CET Tuesday 23

Nils Andreas Svee me at lochnair.net
Tue Feb 23 16:30:33 EST 2021

Thanks for the talk Dave and it was nice meeting you all!

Never really did much in the way of Flent tests after moving from ADSL to Telenor's "wireless broadband" aka. 4G. So I ran some after leaving the meeting, with CAKE on or off, and let me tell you - it's terrifying, 4G sucks indeed., not as bad as DSL without SQM mind, but still

Avg. latency without SQM at some points close to 800 ms or above. Had to sacrifice a lot of bandwidth to get it to sane levels when doing RRUL tests.

Dumped all the files over here: https://dl.lochnair.net/Bufferbloat/Tests/
Oh btw I promise I'll try to not break things when you need to access something on that box again Dave...

Best Regards

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