[Cake] [Bloat] Fwd: [Galene] Dave on bufferbloat and jitter at 8pm CET Tuesday 23

Toke Høiland-Jørgensen toke at toke.dk
Wed Feb 24 11:11:33 EST 2021

Taraldsen Erik <erik.taraldsen at telenor.no> writes:

> Disclamer: I'm working on the Fixed Wireless products for Telenor
> (Zyxel NR7101 outdoor wall mounted unit). Not the Mobile Broadband
> products. We are working with Zyxel and Qualcom to try and implement
> an upstream queue which adapts to available radio resources. To much
> NDA so can't really disclose anything useful. Lets just say we are
> aware of the issues and are actively working to try and improve the
> situation - but don't hold your breath for a sollution.
> What sort of HW are you running your LTE on?
> Do you have a subscription with rate limitations? The PGW (router
> which enforces the limit) is a lot more latency friendly than if you
> are radio limited. So it may be beneficial to have a "slow"
> subscription rather than "free speed" then it comes to latency. Slow
> meaning lower subscrption rate than radio rate.

Ah, this is lovely! "How do I get my internet to be faster?" "Just buy a
slower connection!" :D


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