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Taraldsen Erik erik.taraldsen at telenor.no
Fri Feb 26 10:08:16 EST 2021

Fra: Nils Andreas Svee <me at lochnair.net>

I wanted to try and lock it to 1800Mhz, but there's no option for that exposed in the GUI that I can find.

Generally few devices allow for that.  I do know the Zyxel devices we use allow for that in the engineering version we have for lab purposes.  I'm not sure what is available in the commercial version.  I do know however that we completely lock down the local interfaces of the Telenor branded version of the Zyxel device.

I had not, I didn't scan higher ports. It *is* open though, so I was able to connect to it. It only yells at me if I try to run any of the few AT commands I know (except at), not sure if that's because of the datalock code. If that's what I'm missing, how does one go about getting a hold of one of those? When I looked it up I only found some sites I have concern about the legitimacy of.
The datalock algorithm has been broken and is available through some of those sketchy sites.  After that Huawei updated their algorithm.  I do believe it follows device, not sw.  So if your B818 was produced before the change you can use those sites.  Spin up a VM or something to try them out.

The proper procedure it to contact Huawei and get them to give you the code. I believe it is intended only for trusted partners, but you can give it a shot to try and reach out to them.

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