[Cake] Trouble getting decent performance with CAKE

xnor xnoreq at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 21:04:46 EST 2021

Haven't looked at your measurements, but what's the issue? Is it 
throughput or latency? Because I have a 750 MHz single core mips router 
here that handles 100 Mbps... barely.
Latency on ingress (and traffic shaping in general on ingress) sucks 
compared to egress.

Why is there an imq0 device? Haven't those been obsolete for several 
years? What kernel are you running?

I assume you have a filter with tc-action mirred egress set up, but just 
to be sure could you post the output of:
$ tc filter show dev eth0 parent ffff:

Also, there's little point in having the ack-filter on on the ingress cake.

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