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Tom Herbert is still on a quest to speed up the network stack[1].
In this talk he introduces the PANDA parser with intention to
replace the venerable Linux kernel Flow Dissector.
Tom says the flow dissector is hard coded, convoluted making
it both hard to extend and hard to maintain.
(yes, he is guilty as well having been one of the originators
of the flow dissector).

PANDA parser is a domain specific parser that lives under
the philosophy of "write once, run anywhere, run well".
Unlike Flow Dissector, a PANDA Parser with metadata extraction
is written in a declarative representation as opposed to imperative
instructions - all in familiar C. It has been shown that while
more flexible, the PANDA parser is more performant than flowdissector.

The PANDA parser may be compiled to different backends, currently
two implemented backends are available: an optimized userspaces C
and an XDP/eBPF one. There is ongoing work on generating a plain
kernel version as well which may be consumed by other part of the
kernel. For any of those 3 backends, the parser definition stays


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PS: Registration is open, see:

PPS: We are looking to post the schedule today
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