[Cake] Help with Cake on 4G connection

Liam Bell ljb3911 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 21:44:14 EDT 2021

Hey there!

I've been reading a huge amount of documentation online over the last few
days about networking and trying to improve my bufferbloat. It wouldn't be
an exaggeration for me to say that reading the bufferbloat.net page has
been life-changing.

I've been having some trouble getting an SQM solution running as intended
on my 4G based (unreliable) connection. My use case is relatively simple. I
have a large household with lots of devices all streaming video, web
browsing, social media, TikTok, Netflix, etc. This has led to latency for
gaming being unbearably unpredictable. I've been twiddling around with
fq_codel on my FreshTomato based router and have found some measurable
success, but given that my bandwidth is usually pretty low, and unreliable,
it appears that I might be able to implement some kind of CAKE based
solution using the autorate-ingress parameter.

I won't go into too much detail regarding the other parameters of my setup,
in case I'm emailing the wrong contact here, apologies if that is the case.

Any help or perhaps direction where I can ask for help would be greatly

Thanks in advance for any reply!
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