[Cake] l4s kernel submission

Sebastian Moeller moeller0 at gmx.de
Thu Oct 14 16:31:09 EDT 2021

Which does not change the inconvenient fact that L4S does not work over the open internet. But I bet that fq_codel with a shaper is going to be hands down the better L4S AQM compared to DualQ... (thanks to its fq nature it can forego the whole "coupling" heuristic mess and side-step the whole massive unfairness issues, and keeping the known working codel law for non-ECT(1) traffic also compared to dualq's burts intolerabt PIE variant also seems like a step in the right direction).
Then again it seems consequent given that the BBRv2 team seem to be on-board the L4S train; to put a somewhat positive spin (lipstick?) on this, I assume that the quality of the L4S engineering might improve... 


P.S.: Witnessing the L4S drama in the IETF makes me appreciate how comparatively clean and elegant sausages are made...

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