[Cake] Cake: how know 'framing compensation'?

Marco Gaiarin gaio at lilliput.linux.it
Mon Sep 6 16:49:38 EDT 2021

Mandi! Sebastian Moeller
  In chel di` si favelave...

> Cpuld you elaborate a bit on youur access link, please?
> Are you using a DSL modem anywhere at all and then a wireless link you operate
> yourself between modem and router? If this is true, can you share information
> about the dsl link, like its upload and download speeds?
> Or does your ISP supply your internet via a wireless link directly to your
> router?

Exactly. Mi provider (NGI, Eolo) provide me a CPE connected via a
wireless link to the base station.

I've directly connected the CPE to my linux box, and i've setup the
interface/public ip address via PPPoE.

More clean now? Thanks.

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