[Cake] paper: Testbed based analysis of Linux queue disciplines over Internet traffic mix

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 15:45:12 EDT 2022

This paper details the modelling of a mixed traffic testbed designed
in accordance with RFC 7982, and attempts to study the performance of
pie/codel/RED/fq-pie/fq-codel/cake. It's very thorough, but only tests
10Mbit and 100Mbit links. Cake wins on most of the benchmarks, fq-pie
wins on others. Really great MOS for voip traffic for fq-*.


If you don't have access via your institution, pls drop me a line privately.

FQ World Domination pending: https://blog.cerowrt.org/post/state_of_fq_codel/
Dave Täht CEO, TekLibre, LLC

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