[Cake] [PATCH net] sch_cake: diffserv8 CS1 should be bulk

Matt Johnston matt at codeconstruct.com.au
Wed Jan 26 22:14:13 EST 2022

On Tue, 2022-01-25 at 12:54 +0100, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
> LE(1) is tin 0 the lowest
> CS1(8) is 1 slightly above LE
> CS0/BE(0) is 2
> AF1x (10, 12, 14) are all in tin 1 as is CS1
> Just as documented in the code:
>  *		Bog Standard             (CS0 etc.)
>  *		High Throughput          (AF1x, TOS2)
>  *		Background Traffic       (CS1, LE)

The documentation doesn't match the code though. Almost, but it's off by one.
I can submit a patch instead to change the docs, though it's not clear the
divergence between code and docs was intended in the first place.

(diffserv8 also needs a description in the cake manpage, I'll send a patch
for that once the order is clarified)


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