[Cerowrt-devel] Extensive IPv6 support can be dropped from cerowrt rc8

Shane Turner turner at chebucto.ns.ca
Tue Dec 6 12:10:44 EST 2011

[Re-posting to list. Accidentally sent directly to Dave previously.]

I was hoping that IPv6 would remain one of the focuses of this, but I'll 
admit I never got anywhere beyond registering for a SiXXS account.


On 06/12/2011 12:49 PM, Dave Taht wrote:
> This is the third of a string of mails discussing what can be dropped
> from cerowrt rc8.
> IPv6 is always a headache. Universally, feedback on the 6to4 scheme we
> have in place has been negative. It works well in places where
> 6to4 works, and not at all where 6to4 doesn't work, and creates
> complications in the firewall rules and doubles the amount of
> testing we should theoretically be doing against all forms of
> networking, notably TCP.
> The only portion of the ipv6 support that anyone with funding has
> expressed an interest in has been DHCP-PD, and expending
> resources to make that work well, may well be a good idea.
> That said, we've found and helped fix plenty of bugs in ipv6, and
> going DHCP-PD only makes it impossible for anyone not
> in a DHCP-PD environement to accomplish anything with ipv6, and most
> early deployments are only giving out a /64 which
> is useless for doing anything with the current, multiply routed
> architecture of cerowrt. If we kept AHCP we could leverage
> that + DHCP-PD.
> I am not able to test ipv6 at all, in paris, at present. It is
> completely blocked everywhere I have been in Paris.
> Eliminating IPv6 entirely from our test cycles and build process would
> save a lot of time.
> This gets bugs #98, #140, #145, #239, #273, and to some extent #311
> and a few others off our plate in the next quarter.

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