[Cerowrt-devel] Dave needs to get better at pushing out patches

david at lang.hm david at lang.hm
Thu Dec 8 06:55:47 EST 2011

On Thu, 8 Dec 2011, Dave Taht wrote:

> The overhead of formatting a patch properly is trivial.
> Getting a patch set into thunderbird or the web so totally dwarfs the
> tedium of actually creating the patch, it's unbelievable.
> I have a string of mostly trivial patches I could have got out ages
> ago with git send-email.  I could slam out patches every day that way
> and be a zillion times more effective coding-wise.
> All year I have tried to get to where I could send email effectively
> from the command line on my laptop or wherever, and today's email
> server setups have become so complex that I have completely failed to
> find a way to so. (I note that I am frequently offline and need to be
> able to do it from my main development box, my laptop, and I have been
> highly mobile of late)
> I recently spent most of a day trying to get bufferbloat.net's email
> server to take email from me, using sasl, or certs, and failed
> entirely.
> I've been running my own email servers for 3 decades now, It's both
> embarrassing to me and unbelievable how difficult it's become to use
> such a basic transport.
> And I USED to read my email with emacs. I liked it. I was FAR more
> productive switching from code to irc to email to patches and back
> when I didn't have to run tools like a browser and thunderbird all the
> time.

as a holdout pine user I understand your frustration :-)

have you considered doing something like setting up openvpn to connect to 
the bufferbloat.net server and then configuring the mail server to trust 
mail arriving form the VPN clients?

I know this is horrible overkill for such a trivial job, but it avoids all 
the problems of doing authentication for the SMTP connection (and the fact 
that many locations block outbound connections from dhcp addresses to port 

David Lang

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