[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-bql-3 available

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 04:50:10 EST 2011

is up at:


Although this is named bql-3, I have yet to successfully backport
byte queue limits to 3.1.5 - (or if have, I managed to break
something somewhere  else) so that is not in this.

I may well defer the bql work to Q2 after it stabilizes in mainline.

I definitely need to come up with better names than 'rc' or 'smoketest'.

Current Features

kernel 3.1.5

- notably this has Eric's fix to RED
    (Linux RED implementation had been broken for 3 years)

- ALL known tcp congestion control algorithms
- RED, QFQ, CBQ, SFB, DRR schedulers are available
- iproute2 and iptables updated for 3.1
- ESFQ is removed
- radios work correctly now on boot
- clock interrupt (temporarily?) increased to 256 from 100.
- tcp timestamping is now enabled
- isc ntp and named (temporarily?) replaced with dnsmasq and busybox ntp
- samba361 is in there but totally underconfigured
- wins is supplied via dhcp.
- dscp improvements for wireless temporarily removed
- iperf-mt and netperf is installed by default
- ahcp still fails to start
- wndr3700v2 and wndr3800 fully supported
- wndrmacv2 is also built but untested

Getting ntp and the radios working on boot were the two big bugs left
in rc7-smoketest10.

However I did not intend to 'solve' those problems
in this way and losing esfq and the dscp hacks
is a regression on the qos system, and I already miss having named...

I have spent a bunch of time working on cleaning up the
patch set, and will be submitting them upstream over the next
few weeks, then rebasing and making sources available again.

the rc7 sources will remain available, but they no longer apply
on top of openwrt (which is why I'm rebasing)

I also intend to move netperf forward to svn head so as to be
able to better test alternate congestion control algorithms.  This
is why iperf is also now in by default, as I find using them both
is workwhile... I also plan a custom version of rsync, with
diffserv and congestion algorithm support...

As for what else, going forward...? Been posting my thoughts
here in the hope of flushing out more feedback as to what
was useful and what would be good, going forward... so
speak up, please!!!

As for me, I've been working primarily on coming up with
a long term plan for the bufferbloat projects (note the s!),
and on bugs #306, and #305.

I note either there's a bug in the driver, QFQ, pfifo_drop_head,
or new scripts that can cause the interface to lock up after an hour
or so of saturating load. I can't (thus far) convince the interface
to lock up otherwise...

so it seems stable, at present, without bql or those new scripts,
and that's what's up on the website now.

I'd like it very much if other folk experimented with shapers
and schedulers as well. Getting a DRR script going, fiddling
with wondershaper, rolling your own... - I hope we can have a bakeoff this
coming year, of  shapers and AQMs. If you get something reasonable
please submit to:


(PLEASE NOTE: you can prototype this sort of work just fine on an x86 box)

My own principal motivation for the 'bql' release
at the moment is to thoroughly exercise the packet schedulers
and AQMs - not to get the AQM/scheduling thing 'right' - but
to expose any more bugs that may lurk within this neglected
subsystems. I've been tossing scripts as they stabilize into
my deBloat repo on github, however I've decided to rewrite
everything into lua... which is going to take a while.

Anyway -

Install this 'smoketest' at your own risk,  ave fun inside of the
above limitations... and please please please don't experiment
on wives or small children.

I would like it very much if the samba/wins issues
could be put to bed, and the qos system brought forward to work
correctly with the new improved sfq system.  (there was a
patch for that I seem to have misplaced)

There are tons of bugs left to look at and prioritize on the bug list, too.
I look forward to hearing about any new ones.

happy hacking, and have a Merry Christmas.

Dave Täht
SKYPE: davetaht
US Tel: 1-239-829-5608
FR Tel: 0638645374

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