[Cerowrt-devel] Dropping features from cerowrt

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Sat Dec 24 12:05:32 EST 2011


I've been following the Cerowrt project for a few weeks because of its potential for a good replacement for my trusty, but slow, WRT54GL and DDWRT.

I applaud your re-thinking the project, and the fact that you're making executive decisions about what to focus on. It's exactly the right thing to do when your task list stretches out so far. A few thoughts:

- You should put a link to your "Rebasing, rethinking..." note (https://lists.bufferbloat.net/pipermail/cerowrt-devel/2011-December/000001.html) on the Cerowrt overview page (http://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt) so that people who come to the site have a clear idea of its state.

- This will also bring more people to the cerowrt-devel list, which is a good "information radiator" about the state of the project. 

- Similarly, you could put a link on the News page, above the "Slipping dates for rc7" note.

- If I made one request of cerowrt, it would be to add the fprobe package. I like to have netflow data available (my company makes the InterMapper network monitoring software, http://intermapper.com) which has a flow analyzer built in. 

- I realize that adding new packages to support is in direct contravention to your stated desire to cut things back, so I would understand and honor your decision in this regard.

Best regards from sunny and cold Hanover, NH USA.

Rich Brown

PS I was able to install rc6 trivially, and got it to work nicely on a WNCR3700v2. Your install instructions for OSX were impeccable. I now need to decide whether to heed your advice (not to inflict these builds on spouses and small children) or switch over to the stock Openwrt build.

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