[Cerowrt-devel] using other packages | also, hi!

Maciej Soltysiak maciej at soltysiak.com
Thu Apr 5 05:43:51 EDT 2012


I am new here, just subscribed. First of all thanks for all great work done
on bufferbloat and incorporating that into wonderful cerowrt.

Can anyone please tell me which Open WRT package set is Cero WRT based on?
Is it
a) openwrt trunk -
b) openwrt backfire -
c) other?

Also, if I want to add a package, say minidlna or ntfs-3g drivers from
openwrt, which packages should I use?

Maciej Soltysiak

p.s. I have observed very real improvments some time ago already by loading
a custom TomatoUSB w/ bufferfloat mods (kernel driver buffers, txqueuelen,
ring buffers, ECN, etc) to WRT54GL. Now I am using WNDR3800 with latest
Cerowrt (just flashed it yesterday for the first time) and this also worked
well towards decreasing bufferbloat, thanks! (measured by netalyzr)
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