[Cerowrt-devel] Working towards reducing memory issues in cerowrt

Dave Täht dave.taht at bufferbloat.net
Thu Aug 23 09:58:40 EDT 2012

So I was mostly fiddling with codel itself, trying to make it work
better on long RTTs, when the memory and oom issues came up. 

The two patches following for codel are experimental. 

It will take me multiple days to prove out/dismiss as junk and/or further 
improve these... 

During that test cycle I have two patches eric dumazet has suggested on 
the codel list to convinceport/finish/test out, as well as (perhaps) a 
third patch that might control udp better, to deal better with the
memory problem...

... which will need to apply on top of these patches...

so if you are doing your own builds of cero/openwrt or a mainline kernel, 
please feel free to try these and share what, if anything, happens 
differently, on whatever tests you can dream up.

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