[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt-next and cerofiles-next trees established on github using kernel 3.6.9

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Dec 6 05:49:52 EST 2012

The new repos are at:


While I have a mostly working build now of nearly all of cerowrt on
Linux 3.6.9, there is still work to be done on getting wifi to work
again, in particular. I doubt I will get it sorted today.

In the meantime...

There is an enormous and growing overall tasks list. and some draft
release notes here:


If you see anything  on that you want to leap in and do (or add!) -
just do it - or discuss it on this list. :)

My thanks to stephen walker for knocking out a whole lot of package
upgrades and related patches.
As well as to Robert Bradley for the ipv6 unaligned hacks (which
worked FIRST TIME)
And to ketan for looking into TCP fast open...
Paolo Valente for QFQ+ and BFQ support
And the whole openwrt team for pushing ahead so fast on openwrt
"Barrier breaker", now that AA is stable.

I'm totally aware there are dlna and upnp fixes in the pipeline, but
before that, is getting the darn thing to boot right... and finding
some way to test those two protocols....

There are no doubt going to be tons of new bugs introduced by this 2+
month interval between releases, and the 3 kernel version leap
forward, so DO NOT EVEN THINK about installing the upcoming first
3.6.9 build on your default gw....

Dave Täht

Fixing bufferbloat with cerowrt: http://www.teklibre.com/cerowrt/subscribe.html

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