[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt 3.6.9-5

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Dec 9 02:28:21 EST 2012

Under absolutely no circumstances install this on your default gateway.


* IPtables moved forward to (thx swalker)
* IPv6 instruction traps eliminated (Thx robert bradley) * wow! big difference!
* Enabled (the old, non signed) opkg (thx murphy)

I would, however, now that opkg works again, like people to take a
look at their favorite packages, and see what broke. (and what's

I'm pretty sure samba's default config is wrong... there's a new
dhcpv6 client daemon totally untested... I haven't folded in the upnp
fixes.... didn't try mesh networking....

Probably one of the biggest things that concerns me is vpn behavior
under fq_codel, and in the three bin classification scheme the
simple_qos.sh script uses. (openvpn is installed by default,
strongswan as an option)


Given how successful that script has been at actually using
classification I've been toying with the idea of boiling the core
ideas of simple_qos, into pure C in the the nfq_codel version of
fq_codel, so that htb would not be required to do it (in other words,
it would "just work" in variable rate scenarios)

Partial syntax idea:

tc qdisc add dev whatever root nfq_codel bgweight 20 # Background
traffic would get 5% of the sent packets

Regrettably I can't come up with a mental way to express a "capped
weight" for priority traffic...

That said, merely having a background class may well be good enough,
as fq_codel does such a great job already in taking light traffic that
should be high priority and making it so.

I go back, however, to worrying about encapsulated traffic (such as
vpn) that might need to ignore classification in order to preserve the
stream boundries....

Dave Täht

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