[Cerowrt-devel] Current state of ipv6 in openwrt barrier breaker

Ole Trøan otroan at employees.org
Wed Dec 12 03:43:57 EST 2012


>> I'd really like us to avoid that. it is going to be so hard to get NPT out of the network again.
>> it also forces applications to continue with STUN/TURN and all that stuff to discover global addresses
>> that can be used for referrals. please let us keep the end to end properties of IPv6 intact.
> Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you from a technical and ideological standpoint. However I don't think it would be wise - at least as an OpenWrt developer - to force any of this ideology onto users. IPv6 NAT made it into the Linux kernel so I guess there are some legitimate use-cases, so at least I don't want to be the guy assuming I know better then the people who implemented, requested and accepted these features.
> I'd rather have it implemented and more or less supported in the most sane way possible then people hacking it in on their own.
> However as I said I feel the need to have reasonable defaults and make it easy (easier?) to use the standards-compliant way than to use NAT. Thats where I can be reasoned with ;)

oh absolutely. there is a need for IPv6 NAT. particularly around multihoming to non-congruent networks, even in the home.
(this would of course be a lot prettier with ILNP, IPv6 NATs, better looking cousin.)

I'm only arguing against having IPv6 NAT as the default solution.


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