[Cerowrt-devel] WNDR3700v4 is out...

David Lang david at lang.hm
Sun Dec 23 11:57:25 EST 2012

On Sun, 23 Dec 2012, Dave Taht wrote:

> On Sun, Dec 23, 2012 at 11:14 AM, David Lang <david at lang.hm> wrote:
>> In looking at their products, they seem to have almost nothing that's dual
>> band, am I missing something?
> Nope. I went single channel for the yurtlab backbone in part because I
> wanted "hardware flow control" (the 100Mbit ethernet connected to a
> 300Mbit radio) to work and to be able to look at what the
> "microqueues" in the ethernet driver formed by packet de-aggregation
> did under fq_codel.
> Doing it all in one box with (nonexistent) software flow control
> between 2.4ghz, 5ghz, and gigE ethernet in a single unit - seemed
> likely to do nothing more than pass bursts of packets around. I like
> the software-fq-on-de-aggregation idea I talked about a week or so
> back, but haven't done anything about it.
> I'd thought hard about using the http://www.ubnt.com/rspro rather than
> the netgears at one point, but thought the BOM would put people off,
> and at the price tag for a full box, there seemed to be several x86
> alternatives, and either way, we ended up with no micro queues to
> break up.
> A typical configuration at the yurtlab is two nano station M5s and a
> single omni 2HP.

Ok, that makes perfect sense for building a network the way you are, but if the 
project were limited to that sort of hardware you will have a huge decrease in 
users experimenting with it.

users need all three client capabilities (2.4GHz, 5GHz and ethernet), so 
sticking with a relatively cheap device that will do this will keep things 
relavent to many more people.

If this can be done on equipment that they can find in local stores, as opposed 
to having to special order it, that's another big boost.

for now I've dropped their equipment off of my vendor list, the only dual-band 
equipment I see from them is in the $250 range

David Lang

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