[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt 3.6.11-2 is out with ipv6-support package, bleeding edge dnsmasq, upnp,

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 15:08:12 EST 2012

I am not in a position to test this release at all - I gave my last
wndr3800s to a deserving student in Paris, and the only other ones I
have are in the yurtlab and I'm 3000 miles from there.

So do not under any circumstances install this one on your default
gateway as yet.

If you are daring, and bold, and have had perhaps a bit too much
eggnog, please feel free to try out this release.

I AM happy to announce that thx to stephen walker polishing up the
last bits of bug http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/362 and then
getting them into ceropackages, that at least in theory we have
working upnp and mini-dnssd support. I don't have a device that uses
this stuff, so I'd like to know if they work, particularly on an xbox.
Or if I still missed something... I would certainly like more people's
xboxes working by christmas.

There is also the first version of Steven Barth's new ipv6-support
package - supporting 6in4, 6to4, 6rd, and native ipv6, AND *dhcp-pd*,
interfacing with a totally bleeding edge and highly beta version of
Simon Kelley's dnsmasq, which does saner ipv6 naming of slaac and
dhcpv6 assigned names, and dnsmasq also does dhcp-v6 services, and
handles RA announcements, in addition to it's also eminent duties as a
dns and dhcp server.

Expect bugs! but aside from some new fq_codel work and getting npt66
to work this is rather close to "Feature complete" for the next stable
version of cerowrt...

And... radvd is DEAD. Yea!

The ipv6-support package is rather under documented as yet, as you
might imagine. The GUI needs updating... the new options to it and
dnsmasq I have in my mailbox...

Dave Täht

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