[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt 3.6.11-2 is out with ipv6-support package, bleeding edge dnsmasq, upnp,

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Wed Dec 26 11:34:04 EST 2012

I note that the bufferbloat.net domain filters out ip addresses in
message bodies, so richard's original message probably didn't make the
list. I have to find a fix for that - so 172 dot X dot Y dot Z goes


Thx for the complete report!

Configuration name problem noted and fixed. (hopefully). Have to automate
that, I keep doing it...

An update to the luci upnp gui landed a day or two ago for upnp, it's my
hope that addresses the bug there, but as I am still 3000 miles away from
the nearest router I dare reflash I won't be in a position to test til
saturday. I did do a build with that fix in it:


Which is so trivial as you can do a sysupgrade to it without harming your
existing config. Unless I broke something else.

The default configuration defaults to generating ULAs which are local ipv6
addresses in the fd:: range. While this is useful for bringing up a ipv6
network, it's not so useful for connecting to the outside world with it, as
you've discovered. My hope is with the linux 3.7 release to be able to
enable npt66 by default in this case, (which was the source of some
controversy earlier this month), but using 3.7 as a base is a bit of a long
way out. I'm trying to get on top of the 3.7 issue (and some other gui
stuff) by doing an x86 virtual build (which so far, doesn't boot)

As for not distributing the 2001:: (and disabling the ula entirely) I don't
know - that package is so bleeding edge as yet! Happy hacking.

Dave Täht

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