[Cerowrt-devel] cerowrt's openwrt patches, bql, sfqred backport, bql for ag71xx, etc

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Feb 9 21:06:18 EST 2012

While I'm planning on rebasing cerowrt soon, perhaps some of these
patches would be of
use in the openwrt mainline or by those with an experimental bent.


They include an update of iproute2 to 3.1.0,
obsoleting ESFQ entirely,
adding support for QFQ, DRR, and CHOKE
an update to iproute2 HEAD (which has
support for all the new 3.3 aqm code)
A backport of BQL 3.3 support to 3.2
backport of the new SFQRED aqm code to kernel 3.2...
BQL support added to the ag71xx ethernet driver

scons cross-building support (needed for the latest gpsd which
is available in the cerowrt repo, and perhaps xorp one day)
(swalker is the original author of this patch)

And so on. I kind of regard all this as rather bleeding edge
but most of it has been rather thoroughly tested
at this point.

Of these I would ask juhosg to queue up the ag71xx BQL
patch for 3.3's release. That driver also provides a decent
example of how to add bql support to other out
of tree ethernet drivers. BQL (byte queue limits)
are a goodness...

if there is anything in here that can actually make it
through trac or patchwork and get used, cool,
let me know what submittal process works best these days.

[TXT]	0001-update-iproute2-to-3.1.0.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	1.4K	
[TXT]	0002-update-iptables-to-	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	16K	
[TXT]	0003-Add-support-for-QFQ-CBQ-DRR-SFB-CHOKE-packet-schedul.patch	09-Feb-2012
17:54 	1.2K
[TXT]	0083-Obsolete-esfq-patch.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	22K	
[TXT]	0084-Update-iproute2-to-git-3.3-head-obsolete-esfq.patch	09-Feb-2012
17:54 	9.2K
[TXT]	0102-Add-scons-support-to-openwrt.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	1.9K	
[TXT]	0103-BQL-support-added-to-ag71xx-driver.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	3.2K	
[TXT]	0135-IPv6-PIMSM2-support.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	805 	
[TXT]	0136-3.2.3-kernel-configuration-with-BQL-and-alternate-TC.patch	09-Feb-2012
17:54 	2.9K
[TXT]	0137-3.2.3-support-in-build.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	705 	
[TXT]	0138-Add-scons-support-in-build.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	1.0K	
[TXT]	0139-BQL-backport-to-3.2.3.patch	09-Feb-2012 17:54 	243K	
[TXT]	0140-Enable-low-latency-by-default.patch

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