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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Mon Jan 2 17:11:04 EST 2012

On Sat, Dec 31, 2011 at 3:11 PM, Richard Brown
<richard.e.brown at dartware.com> wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Thanks for the clarifications on the status of cerowrt and your expectations
> for how people should use the current builds.
> Right now, for example, the bql-9 smoketest mentioned above works
> pretty good (it's missing some features like bind and ahcp at the
> moment) - but my attempts at adding several new AQMs appear to be
> triggering kernel bugs. RED was proven broken for three years of the
> kernel prior to 3.1.5, btw...
> A little feedback. I have installed two cerowrt builds:
> rc6 - worked fine. I got snmpd installed, and could try the newly-built
> fprobe again.
> bql-9 from 24 Dec. I was surprised when I couldn't connect to gw.home.lan.

We did not manage to get the 'bind' name server working again, yet. So
you can add gw.home.lan to the /etc/hosts file, if you want, with these

> What's your advice for continuing to play with cerowrt? What version should
> I look at? I don't have to put it "in production" - currently, its WAN port
> is connected to my home router's LAN port, so I can still load in
> experimental stuff without affecting other family members.

Most of the "hot debloating action" has been taking place in the net-next
kernel. Eric Dumazet just fixed bugs in QFQ and SFQ and I'm hoping that
those were the last crash bugs.

That build is bql-14, please feel free to give it a try.

I have one more 'crashy' bug to look at involving routing. I'm kind of
hoping it got fixed as part of the fixes above, but need to do some
testing for it.

As for what I'm looking for in this phase? I'd like to get back to a clean
tree, and to decide what really is going to end up in rc8. Haven't done
that yet. There's really only three broken packages left to fix (bind,isc-ntp,
and ahcp) in order to be as "feature complete" as rc7 was.

Then I can get to the main feature set (adding useful AQM technology)
for which the work is in progress in my debloat repo.

http://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/305 and 306.

I'd LOVE for people to be testing the src/staqfq.lua therein.

Also, in your case, you'd suggested I add a package. I'm very interested
in the uses for that package, and which version of it is most useful,
so if you could spend some time on that and let me know if it works,
and what else is needed, and what can be done with it...

I'd appreciate it.

I have a problem in that I'll be travelling jan 15th-30 and really
needed to take some time off starting, well, a few weeks ago.

So I just hope people give stuff a shot, try to do new,
interesting things, learn how to build stuff, figure out the
package system, hack lua, etc, and I currently plan to
resume the formal  rc8  process after I get back to the US.

> Happy New Year.

u too. We're gonna make dent in the bloat this year. I can feel it.
> Rich
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