[Cerowrt-devel] slowly moving to deploy 3.3.8-6

Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Thu Jun 21 16:43:00 EDT 2012

After our brief G+ Hangout, I hooked a 100Mb/s switch between my 3800
running CeroWRT and my 24-port Cisco 203 "SOHO" switch.
Then I got layer-2 LINK, and low and behold things worked.

My network currently looks like this in ASCII art:

     / \
    |   \
    |    \
 trusted  service
    |     |                       wife
 me +     |-wrt54gl<~~wireless~~>--+---+-
    |     |                           wii
 .. +     +-mail

(X- dead, no longer used)
(R- NetBSD 5.0 machine, PII-400. upgraded to fanless low power PIII-600,
    which died, so back to PII-400)
wrt54gl is running kamizake, is in living room.

     / \
  (1|   \2)
    |    \
 trusted  service
    |     |                       wife
 me +     |-wrt54gl<~~wireless~~>--+---+-
    |     |                           wii
    +     +-mail

The Netgear 3800 is inserted between trusted and service right now.
So it's upstream is my trusted network, and downstream is my service
network, and current wireless.

From some emails and IRC, I understood that I would not be able to
split the LAN ports on the 3800 into seperate LANs.  Maybe not true.
I am currently using VLAN tagging, which works.

So, my switch has VLAN 470 as service already, and this is seen by
the 3800 as network "service" (device se00.470), and I can get v4 and v6
traffic to it.

The ge00 port of the 3800 is plugged into my trusted VLAN (which is VLAN
1).  I can now ssh into the "WAN" side of the CeroWRT.

I set up the cisco switch so that the untagged packets on the se00
interface were placed into vlan 3800, which I exposed to my desktop as
tagged vlan 3800, so my desktop could be behind as well as on the

(Oh, I have public IPv4s everywhere, btw. /25 at home)

My plan is to sever the link (2) above, and remove the interface on R
for "service" and move that IP to the 3800.  Once I'm happy with that,
I'll promote the 3800 to replace R.

My upstream is bridged DSL ("HSA"), so it looks like ethernet and has
a native IPv4 (/30) and native IPv6 (/64) on it.  No DHCPv6PD on that
link, alas.

Depending upon the wireless strengh I see from the 3800 I may obsolete
the wrt54gl, or not.  (It's v4 and v6 *routed*, not bridged).

This email isn't so much a query, as a point of documentation, and 
partial success story.

(Oh, wife's laptop often has flaky wifi, wrt54gl is bg only.
I am blaming Ubuntu oneiric kernel, since it worked great on Hardy.
She spends most days on wired on "trusted" network. Wife laptop is son's
youtube toy.  I will definitely see if I can move the laptop to 802.11a,
where the 3800 will get a chance to AQM/codel it)

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