[Cerowrt-devel] CeroWrt port numbering

Richard Brown richard.e.brown at dartware.com
Thu Mar 1 23:22:10 EST 2012

While I was posting a note about 3.3-rc5-1 and tidying the site, I noticed that the table on the Default Network Numbering page (http://www.bufferbloat.net/projects/cerowrt/wiki/Default_network_numbering) was incorrect - it still showed the default se00 at It's fixed. I also added a row for ge00 as the public IP.

This led me to look at the various tables made available via SNMP, and I had a couple consistency questions. (See the attached spreadsheet for the data, especially rows 58-66. It was taken from bql-40, but I believe it's the same for 3.3.)

- I note that there's no interface at I believe this is correct, but just checking. (It's thinkable that the se00 wired interface could go to a /26 if more wired devices were needed. But let's keep to the rule "Everything's a /27" for a while longer.)

- I'm a little surprised that the babel interfaces both have ...224/32. (But I don't know anything about babel...)

- I'm confused about the OUI's for the interfaces. As expected, C4:3D:C7... is the OUI for Netgear. But C6:3D:C7... isn't allocated to anyone. Is that by design?

- I don't understand the pattern of the OUIs for the interfaces: why is the C4 prefix issued to the Ethernet ge00 and wireless sw00 and sw10, while C6 goes to Ethernet se00 and the remaining wireless interfaces?

- I also note that the MAC addresses sort to an odd order, intermixing ethernet and wireless. (This is related to the previous item.)

sw00	C4:3D:C7:9D:E3:9A
ge00	C4:3D:C7:9D:E3:9B
sw10	C4:3D:C7:9D:E3:9C

se00	C6:3D:C7:9D:E3:9A
gw00	C6:3D:C7:9D:E3:9B
gw01	C6:3D:C7:9D:E3:9C
gw10	C6:3D:C7:9D:E3:9D
gw11	C6:3D:C7:9D:E3:9E

- Finally, I haven't fired up 6to4 or anything, but will the global IP address assignments be randomized more than the local (fe80) addresses?



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