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Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:26:53 EST 2012

>> Privacy advocates are saying that the "easy way" to create a global IPv6 address is bad: it's too easy to plop the MAC address in the lower 64 bits of your address, and then the bad guys can use that as another (really powerful) tracking identifier. This is clearly not a CeroWrt-specific issue, and it's actively in discussion. (See, for example Barrera et al, in the Usenix Vol 36, Number 1, https://www.usenix.org/system/files/login/articles/105438-Barrera.pdf )
> This debate has been going on for a decade.
> I would like all those trying to make ipv6 even harder for mere
> mortals to use to go off and work on ipv7, hip, and the like.
> DNS naming has been hopelessly screwed up as it is, and while I'm a
> big privacy advocate, I'd like ip addresses to be mapped to DNS names
> and I figure that that will bug that crowd, too.

My position on this is considerably more nuanced than I allude to
above, but I lack the time today to go into it in detail.


IPv6's one big advantage is restoring end to end connectivity to the
internet, this means that ip addresses do 'leak'.

However, compared to all the other information that is tracked
nowadays leaking that seems rather trivial, and having local
connectivity that 'just works' would be nice to have compared to what
we have nowadays. For thought-food, why should making a skype call to
someone else in your office require a round trip through the internet?

>From a privacy standpoint there is the existing difference between the
'us' and 'them' views in bind, the plan has been
to publish local ipv6 addresses in the 'us' view, and optionally in
the them (public) view.

the mdns whatever.local convention also applies to ipv6, and happens
to work if you have the privacy extensions enabled on your machine,
but needs a hook to talk to the local dns server that is standardized

naming, privacy, and ipv6 are ratholes....

gotta go
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