[Cerowrt-devel] 3.3rc6-3 is out

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 18:43:53 EST 2012


This release contains updates to the latest versions of strongswan and openvpn.
It also contains 'git head' versions of iptables, iproute2, and dnsmasq.

It should also be independently buildable now, although the automated
build script needs a bit more work.

It works (I'm typing this at you now via a meshed connection, actually).

I hope at this point that these are the 'final' new packages for the upcoming
cerowrt-3.3 release. I will track git head closely on these and update to
the final, released versions as time goes along.

Of the newish packages, dnsmasq is very interesting as it has support for ra
announcements, dhcpv6, lua based scripting, and dnssec proxying, not
that all of that is compiled in at the moment.

I do hope to find a final answer for the interaction of dhcpv6-pd and
distributing ipv6 addresses with a sane dns naming scheme at some
point, as well as resolving the persistent ntp + dnssec bug.
dibbler-client has some problems that I've as yet been unable to

I do not have time set aside at present for fiddling with openvpn and
strongswan either, but as I'm dealing with an encapsulation bug elsewhere
I'll probably have to get a vpn setup again sometime soon. The updates
to these two tools were trivial and after a little testing should end up right
in openwrt. In the meantime, vpn junkies, please run amuck.

I still have a large number of updated packages that are broken -


but none are mission critical.

Next up is glue, fit, and finish issues, improving the guis, making the
aqm code 'just work', etc. Also I will be disabling (commenting out)
the automatic 6to4 support presently in there, and reviewing the
firewall rules.

I have another project that will be tying into this starting up, too,
which basically involves 'PCP' support, to what extent that will
end up in cerowrt or in a separate build, I don't know.

Dave Täht
SKYPE: davetaht
US Tel: 1-239-829-5608

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