[Cerowrt-devel] adding voice/video testing to the mix?

Dave Taht dave.taht at gmail.com
Sat Mar 10 18:43:55 EST 2012

http://freeswitch.org/ has a story about webrtc support that was kind
of interesting.

I used to care deeply about voip, and certainly interactive
videoconferencing is one place where debufferbloating things is going
to help a lot, and it's one of the things that drives jg's universe.

Also I have a desire to evaluate how the new aqm technologies interact
with r/t streams in comparison with tcp and torrent.

The freeswitch developers use an interesting development model, where
their software is tied directly into irc. Anyone can join a voice
conference room and participate. Vuc is also an interesting 'channel'
where periodic interviews and conference calls take place. It might be
cool to have a bloat voip conference going on continuously as well.

Ages ago (june?) I'd wanted to establish a freeswitch server on the
east coast, with native ipv6 access, so as to best span the American
and EU with minimal latency. A ton of people offered help at the time,
but they all offered virtual boxes in places that had no native ipv6.
It's kind of my hope that native ipv6 support in US data centers has
improved since then?

I'm ill-inclined to learn enough about freeswitch to actually set a
box up on my own, but I do have a box in the bloatlab in california I
could repurpose for this, if I could gain a volunteer to get it
working, and set up a few stress tests (sipp and something that beats
up on rtp) -

(what's sort of driving this is that recently I was on a conference
call that was so horrible, with multiple participants dropping out,
terrible noise, that I wanted to be able to analyze the root causes)

There are also other commercial products perhaps worth adding into the mix.

Dave Täht
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