[Cerowrt-devel] Fwd: 3.3.6-2

Robert Bradley robert.bradley1 at gmail.com
Thu May 24 11:44:39 EDT 2012

On 24/05/12 04:48, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
> A) under moderate wireless stress I get a lot of allocation failures from slub, like:
> [ 1221.664062] ath: skbuff alloc of size 1926 failed
> In the routers dmesg. And every now and then the router crashes and reboots (I have not yet found a way to make this happen reliably, it seems to require some uptime)

This looks to me like a possible memory leak somewhere, but I'm no 
expert.  (Unless cerowrt is using tmpfs and filling up memory with logs, 
of course.)  Is UDP from the wired side to the Internet also OK?  I'm 
assuming it is, but it would be nice to prove that it is actually a leak 
in ath9k and/or the wireless stack first!

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