[Cerowrt-devel] Fwd: 3.3.6-2

Robert Bradley robert.bradley1 at gmail.com
Thu May 24 14:58:12 EDT 2012

On 24/05/12 19:15, Jim Gettys wrote:
> On 05/24/2012 02:12 PM, Sebastian Moeller wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> good point, I will go and see whether that is the cause for my crashes… Will return to this post if/when I have new data in either direction…
> If you do, see if you can grab the babeld.conf file and add it to:
> https://www.bufferbloat.net/issues/392

I don't know if it helps at all, but it looks like Babel's failing to 
obtain channel information for the guest interfaces (gw00 and gw10).  
Are these disabled on your routers at the moment?  I suppose in the 
worst case you could try setting an explicit channel for both of the 
non-mesh guest interfaces and see if the logs clear up (or somehow pass 
"-L /dev/null" to babeld).

I'm assuming the ad-hoc mesh links are working fine, since gw01/gw11 
aren't present in the log fragment.
Robert Bradley

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